Term of use

●Scope of this agreement
This terms of servicem apply for online shopping member(defined as follow) service (hereafter referred to as the “Online service”) provided by MangaArt (hereafter referred to as the “Company”).

●The membership
The term “online shopping member” includes an individual, and a company of persons, who
approved this agreement according to the procedure that our store establishes.

The password is available to only the person and the agent who is the person depended on , and it can not transfer or lent.

●Notification of changes
When the member change its registered information of name, email address, it shall immediately notify the information change using our store provided procedure.

●The term of validity of requirements for membership.
There’s a possibility membership may be clossed, if you no access over 12 months pass after a last time.

●Erasion of the membership
When the menber falls under any of the following items, Company can erase the membership without previous notice.

・In the case of reporting the falsehood at the time of the enrollment.
・In the case of using password illegally or let using by other.
・In the case of interferimg with the administration of our site intentionally.
・Other, if the company has determined that you unsuitable as a member.

●End of Online service.
In principle, company can also terminate this service by notifying the members in advance.
However, urgent circumstances and other unavoidable cases, we can terminate this service without notice in advance.
Upon termination of the service, you will lose the qualification. In that case, members will agree not take any and all exception to us.

●Change of this agreement
Company may modify, amend this agreement without prior notice to the member.
If the member continues to use the service after modification, we will regard that you have agreed to changed or ameded agreement.